Giving back to conservation

Having a strong foundation in wildlife conservation, and a passion for all animals, donating back to wildlife conservation projects is one of Shell’s main objectives.

At the end of each year, a proportion of every clients tour cost is donated back to a conservation project in Africa. This ensures that guests not only have an amazing safari experience, but they also contribute to wildlife conservation.

Each year a different conservation project is selected, and for 2019 a very special project has been chosen in memory of beautiful Sylvester the Cheetah.


Shell met Sylvester for the first time in 2011, again in 2015 and for a final time in 2016. He was an orphan cheetah who could not be rehabilitated to the wild. He acted as an ambassador cheetah to spread awareness and educate the public on cheetah/wildlife conservation.

Shell says:

“Shadowing him on his morning walk was one of the most privileged and inspiring things I will ever do. My heart broke when I heard that beautiful Sylvester had passed away from wounds sustained during an altercation with a leopard. He was the spark that ignited my passion for wildlife conservation.”

For all 2019 departures, a donation will made to the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, who were his care takers, and who do amazing work with wildlife conservation.

If you would like to make a donation, a go-fund-me page has been set up and we hope to raise an additional $1000 in his memory. This money will go back into projects for which Sylvester was an ambassador. The link is as follows: